Red vs. Blue: Season 6 - Reconstruction DVD

Now is your chance to relive all the action, suspense, twists and turns (and a few jokes) of the latest Red vs. Blue series: RECONSTRUCTION. A new enemy. A new hero. The same bunch of rejects. When a secret government project goes wrong, the Reds and Blues must reconstruct their units to form an unlikely new alliance. It doesn't take long to find out they've taken on more than they ever bargained for, but there's no turning back. And no going home. Blood Gulch was only the beginning... NOW SHIPPING!
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The DVD is region-free and includes the following:

  • All of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction (Chapters 1 - 19)
  • Directors Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending
  • Outtakes
  • Actor Interviews
  • Never Before Seen Videos
  • RvB:Re PSAs
  • Original RvB:Re Trailer
  • RvB Animated Trailer
  • Recovery One mini-series, Blood Gulch Chronicles recap, and much more!
  • Larger Image

Category: Red vs. Blue

Type: Home Video

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