Million Dollars, But... The Game

What terrible things would you do for $1 Million?

Million Dollars But... Any time you see a child
Million Dollars But... Every Time you hear someone say “I love you”
Million Dollars But... Whenever you hear an ice cream truck
You are instantly put inside a womb and must relive your own birth.
You must shit in the nearest cat litter box.
You have to engage in a dance battle with the closest person, and win.
Every animal in a mile radius has the sudden desire to smell your crotch.
There will be no more than 10 and no fewer than three pubic hairs in your next meal.
You have to take two shots of horse urine.

The party game that puts your morals, imagination, and friendships to the test.

Players create scenarios by combining a Trigger and a Rule cart to showcase what they would or wouldn't do for a big hunk of cash. It's time to get weird for a million dollars.

MDB Game Box

How to Play

Players combine Trigger and Rule cards to create a ridiculous scenario. One at a time, the judge reads the scenarios out loud, while players attempt to glorify or downplay each one. The judge picks the scenario they absolutely would NOT do for a million bucks.

-Multiple styles of play offered.


Million Dollar, But... Playing Cards

Million Dollars, But... Million Dollar Box

Million Dollars, But... Million Dollar Box is the best box ever designed... ever. It has enough space to hold all of your favorite MDB cards and other things you wish to conceal. Plus it comes with a brand new, exclusive MDB booster pack of 25 hilariously stupid cards.

MDB Game Box


There are multiple styles of play. Some involve drinking, some involve cash money, all of them involve discussing ridiculous scenarios and finding out just how sick you and everyone else truly is. Here’s a quick break down of the rules.


Each player takes 4 black Trigger Cards and 4 gold Rule Cards. Now pick a judge. You can pick the richest, poorest, oldest, smartest… whatever, just pick someone.


  1. Players choose one of each card to create a ridiculous scenario to present to the judge. Players hand their scenario to the judge face down.
  2. One at a time, the judge reads the scenarios out loud.
  3. Players attempt to glorify or downplay each scenario.
    Here’s where the various play styles come in. Pay attention, it’s not that hard.
  4. The judge picks the scenario
    1. They would NOT do for $1 Million
    2. They WOULD do
    3. That is their favorite of the round

Get Rich

Secretly place bets, noting on a piece of paper which scenario you think the judge will pick. Once the judge makes their pick, reveal your bet and pay up.

Get Drunk

Players whose scenarios were not chosen take a shot!
** 21 & up. Please drink responsibly.

Be a Winner

The person whose scenario was chosen wins the round. First player to win 5 rounds is the winner, winner chicken dinner.

Million Dollars, But… The Game was developed overnight. No, really it was. Our story started when Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth’s Chief Creative Officer, presented the idea of a Million Dollars, But… card game to our games team. The next day there was a prototype with about 80 cards. By the end of the week, the games team pitched their prototype to the cast and crew of Million Dollars, But… And with that, history was made.

From there, we tapped into the sickest corners of Rooster Teeth employees’ minds, sourcing triggers and rules from anyone who was willing to contribute. After a series of cross-company playtests, the games team locked down the game design.

We all know games need to look pretty, so Rooster Teeth’s graphic design team took over at that point. They worked their butts off over the span of two weeks to design all the assets, cards, and packaging necessary for a complete game. As final art came in, our merch team made the concept a reality.

After a lot of cross-team collaboration and hard work, here we are. We're all pretty dang excited to see what you sickos would do for a million dollars.

Why yes, there are. Check out our expansion packs here

Yes, there are blank trigger and rule cards included in the core deck, so you can add your ridiculous ideas to the game.

Yes, you can buy it directly in our UK Store here.

Yes, you can buy it directly in our Australian Store here.

Yes, we do. You can deffo play while drinking a cuppa and eating a chockie biccie, or whatever you’re into down unda. Check it out here mate.