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30 Morbid Minutes

30 Morbid Minutes Cold to the Touch Hoodie

$39.99 $54.95

It's a cold, bleak night. A red moon glows and the east wind blows. Suddenly, a hushed voice whispers in the dark; mors est pro omnibus. "Death comes for us all." A shiver runs from your spine to your skull, and the icy touch of death pierces your soul. Time to put on your 30 Morbid Minutes hoodie!

Stevie Jude created the 30 Morbid Minutes tombstone design because of its representation of death and beauty. They believe tombstones tell a story & reflect the overall theme of the 30MM podcast. For International Women’s Day, we celebrate Stevie’s transition & the stories they tell through art! @mortarmade on IG. 


Details + Care
• 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
• Unisex Fit 
• Machine wash cold/tumble dry low