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Funhaus FIRST Subscription Gift Card - 1 Month


Support Funhaus with a Rooster Teeth FIRST Membership!

*This is a digital gift card.

Please make sure to read below BEFORE purchasing! 

Question: How is the FIRST membership delivered?

AnswerYou will receive two emails - a confirmation email and a membership email. The confirmation email will come from and the membership email will come from

Question: How do I redeem the gift card?

Answer: You should be able to redeem your code, and apply your FIRST membership gift card here:

Question: What happens if I don’t receive my code?

Answer: Do not panic! You will still get the code. Please contact customer service to alert them of the issue. Customer Service can be reached via 

Question: Does my gift card expire? 

Answer: Yes, gift cards after 2 years of the original purchase. If you're not sure when your gift card expires, feel free to contact us!

Other Details: 

  • Gift memberships are excluded from promotions and are excluded from any free shipping threshold.
  • If you would like to gift someone a Rooster Teeth FIRST membership, please forward the email to the recipient.
  • Rooster Teeth FIRST gift subscriptions can only be applied to accounts managed through Subscriptions managed through the Apple App Store, Google Play or Roku are not eligible for FIRST gift subscriptions.
  • Rooster Teeth FIRST Membership recipients must be residents of a country in which Rooster Teeth FIRST is authorized to operate the Rooster Teeth FIRST service and at least 13 years of age.
  • Rooster Teeth FIRST Gift Subscriptions may not be redeemed for cash, and cannot be combined with any other offer.