RWBY Semblance Sumi-E Weekender Bag

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The RWBY Sumi-E collection features art inspired by the brush strokes of the black ink painting of Japan. Each piece is an homage to RWBY Volume 6 and some of its most memorable scenes, from the pairing of Cinder and Neo to the battle with Adam Taurus. Featuring premium fabrics, details, and finishes, these are some of our highest quality pieces yet.

This premium weekender bag features the swirl of white and red from the premiere episode of Volume 6, when Ruby whisks Weiss away from Grimm danger. Embroidered text and brush strokes of white and red that encircle the bag add a stylish touch to the grey canvas.

100% Cotton Canvas. Measures 11" W x 21"L x 11"H. Spot Clean Only. 

$99.95 $79.99


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