RWBY Limited Edition Weiss Figure by Threezero



Limited edition, museum quality RWBY “Weiss Schnee” collectible. This is the second, after Ruby, in a series of figures by legendary Hong Kong figure designers Threezero.  Blake and Yang will be available later this year.

The Weiss figures won't last long, and they won't ever be made again.

Product Description: 
- figure stands approx. 12.4 inches / 31.5 cm tall.
- new fully-articulated body developed specifically for the RWBY series of collectible figures. 
- paint application to depict the cell shaded design of the character. 
- hand-tailored clothing & detailed accessories (including 1 pouch & 1 choker) 
- 1 "Myrtenaster" rapier (Weiss' weapon of choice, a Multi Action Dust Rapier or MADR)
- 4 blades (silver, transparent blue, transparent yellow & transparent red) 
- 3 pairs of interchangeable hands - relaxed hands, closed fists & weapon holding hands. 
- 3 snowflake "glyph" discs (blue, red & black)

Threezero, founded by ThreeA co-owner Kim Fung Wong, is one of the original producers of the Hong Kong designer figure style, best known for their gasmask logo (designed by Michael Lau) and its many iterations as a street-smart vinyl figure. Designers whose figures have been produced by Threezero include Michael Lau, Jason Siu and Elphonso Lam.


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